Pre-Wash Vehicle Exterior

This usually consists of the wheelarches, door and boot shuts, filler cap recess and lower half of the vehicle being sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner solution. This is allowed to dwell for a few minutes before being rinsed off with the pressure washer.

Wheels Cleaned

We normally use a non-acidic wheel cleaner, as it's safer for your wheels. We use various brushes to agitiate the product to get into the baked in dirt and brake dust. Often, the wheel cleaning will be done in more than one stage, sometimes utilising a fallout remover, or in exceptional cases a diluted acid wheel cleaner.

Tar Spot Removal

If you run your fingers along the lower half of your car's front doors, you will probably feel lots of bumps on there. These are tar spots, and washing alone will not remove them. We spray the lower half of the vehicle with a tar removal product, which then begins to break the tar spots down.

Final Rinse & Dry

We rinse the vehicle down now to remove any remaining product, before a final rinse with filtered water. Then the vehicle will be dried with microfibre drying towels.

Polish & Sealant/Wax

We will now polish the vehicle. This is to enhance the appearance. Often a vehicle will have a dull hue to it, and the polish will remove that hue, cleaning the paint surface in the process.